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       A series of improvised wooden armatures, taut ropes and plastic fabrics give shape to a landscape of successive superimpositions of irregular forms, jazzy colours and subtle shades. Balcony-like platforms placed on stilts at various heights create a network of pedestrian streets, which cross one another, linked by ladders and stands.  The mesh of routes is not arranged on one level, but follows instead an up-and-down course of paths that can be combined in multiple choices to reach the same points. In the midst of that scenario, people continue crafting spaces at the same time that they organise their resistance. Portable stoves heat steaming casseroles with rice and vegetables. Water and chocolate are distributed incessantly.

A young man is checking the blood pressure of a grown-up lady under the poopy red canopy of the infirmary – No worries. You can come at any time – she hears him saying to the lady. She has been staring at them for a while, simultaneously moved and motionless. She had been hesitant about coming for some weeks, fearing a disapproving face from her best friend. She had followed all the events on her facebook. As time passed, a feeling of a pressing call grew deep inside her. A call from her mother early in that morning made her know it was time.

– Would you like to try making one? Shortly after she finds herself weaving a crochet patch out of used plastic bags, which were stored in wicker baskets, assorted by colour.  – We want to make this place warm, like home, for everybody. They carry on weaving, thinking while doing, developing and expanding the thing as newcomers joined. Initially meant to be a canopy, the growing tapestry turns into a lattice-wall separating the small library and an improvised lounge to finally become a rug for a children´s playground.

At night, electric lanterns refashion a landscape of darks and twinkling lights, which does not seem to affect the intensity of activity. Clusters of chairs demarcate territories of friends, old and new. The limits of these cells are redrafted on and on, resulting in a geography permanently in the making. Hot chocolate rounds go on. –Do you live far away? –She asks the woman who has taught her to weave.  – How come we did not know each other? We are so close! – Yeah… I guess there in that city everyone has her own life.

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