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Khora Community Centre



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Ορίζοντες is a participatory project with the people of Khora, a self-organised space in Athens (Greece) that offers support for displaced people including food, clothing, dentistry services, childcare, support for women, language skills, asylum casework and social work. The term Khora has its origins in ancient Greek philosophy. It can be described as a “placeless place”, a space in which borders cease to exist, in which people are thus free.

The project seeks to explore how people´s experiences in this placeless place inform or transform their subjectivities (as ways in which they recognise themselves in relating to others) and imaginary (as the mental field of desires and aspirations). Postcards are the medium chosen to give material expression (through written words and images) to the imaginative, tentative and unsettle horizons emerging from the experience in this collective space. From an already present future, the people in Khora invite friends and relatives to the space.

The blog aims to become an interactive archive of this collective imaginary open to external responses to the postcards.

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