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Isabel Gutiérrez Sánchez

Anthropology & Architecture


· Writings ·


· Book Chapters ·

      Gutiérrez Sánchez, I. (2021). 'Infrastructures from below: Self-reproduction and collective struggle in Athens in and beyond crisis', in Gabauer, A.; Knierbein, S.; Cohen, N.; Lebuhn, H.; Trogal, K.; Viderman, T. and Haas, T. (eds.) CARE – Cities, Action, Research and Education. New Perspectives in Urban Studies and Planning Theory. London: Routledge.

      Gutiérrez Sánchez, I. (2020). 'Commoning spaces of social reproduction. Citizen-led welfare infrastructures in Athens, Greece', in Amoroso,S. (ed.) MORE: Expanding architecture from a gender-based perspective. III International Conference on Gender and Architecture

· Journal Articles ·

      Gutiérrez Sánchez, I. and Morado Castresana, C. (2013). 'Genealogía de micro-dispositivos urbanos'. Pasajes de Arquitectura, 129, pp. 42-44.

· Short Stories·


A roof over our heads: Seven Acts

Crisis tales

The airport

An everyday of theirs

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